iPhone Cannot Connect to App Store? Check 6 Easy Tips Here

Apple is known for its reliable technology and best features. However, iPhone users often have to deal with some issues. The most common problem is when you open the App store and application cannot load. You will get the error that iPhone cannot connect to the app store. Try to reboot your iPhone and if the issue persists here are some of the common ways you can use to solve this issue.

Way 1. Manually Set the Date and Time

Go to Setting > General > Date and Time > turn of the set automatically and then you have to adjust the date and time manually, then reboot the device. Simultaneously press the home and on/off button for ten seconds until the Apple logo is on the screen.

ios date and time

Way 2. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes network issues cause the problem of the disconnection of app store. To resolve this issue go to settings > general > tap on reset network settings. Your iPhone will be restarted and you have to add the WiFi settings once again. Now access the app store and it will probably connect to your device.

reset network settings

Way 3. Check Your iPhone Storage

There are chances that you might have run out of mobile data. It is important that you check the limit of your data storage per day by going to settings > mobile data of that month. In case you are out of mobile data make sure that you switch off all background apps that are swallowing your data so you can launch the app store.

check iphone storage

Way 4. Forcefully Refresh App Store

If you have refreshed the app store in the background apps and it is still not working, it is better that you manually refresh it. Tap on the navigation bar 10 times and it will surely build a new connection and your problem will be resolved.

Way 5. Sign out of Apple ID and sign in again

One of the simplest ways to resolve this issue is to try logging out and logging in to the Apple ID.

Step 1. Launch settings and go to iTunes and App store.

Step 2. Select the Apple ID and sign out.

Step 3. Using Apple ID and password to log in again.

sign out of icloud

Way 6. Fix This Issue without Data Loss

PR iOS System Recovery (iOS 13 Supported) is the recently introduced software that will help you to find all the iOS related issues. It is an easy to use software that will only take minutes and your iPhone will work like normal once again. Whether your device is stuck on black screen, Apple logo or the applications are not working properly it will help you to resolve all the related issues.

There is a special recovery mode that will allow you to repair the device without any kind of data loss. if you want to unlock your device or there are some serious iOS issues you can completely wipe off the software and reinstall it. one click mode will quickly fix your device if it is stuck in recovery mode.


Step 1: Download iOS System Recovery into your device and wait until the installation is complete. Access the software on your computer so that you can proceed with the fix the issue. Select ‘iOS System Recovery’ to continue.

select ios system recovery

Step 2: Connect the device to the program and select the Next button, it is important that you download the latest firmware to the device. Just click on Repair and the iOS System Recovery will automatically download the latest firmware on your device. Once done you have to check if your device starts. If not repeat the process.

connect iphone to pc

fix ios system

Make sure that fix the issue of iPhone cannot connect to app store as soon as possible because you will need your applications updated for the best performance. Remember that iOS System Recovery software will always help you in such tough situations. Simply get the software and enjoy the benefits that comes with it.


By Joan J. Mims

Posted on May 05, 2018, 14:19:16

Joan J. Mims is interested in researching all tips about iPhone, iPad and Android. He loves to share useful ideas with all users.